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Building on the success of the 2015 Stockholm Peace Talks held at the Swedish Parliament, a second edition is now being planned.

Organized under the theme “Better Together”, the aim of the Stockholm Peace Talks is to inspire people and spark a discussion on how each and every one of us can play a role in fostering greater cohesion and inclusion in Sweden and abroad.  In our increasingly interdependent world, respect for diversity, inclusion and cooperation among sectors are not just desirable but vital elements that lay the foundations for peaceful societies. Speakers of the 2017 Stockholm Peace Talks will share tangible experiences, personal stories and ideas to highlight the role that each and everyone one of us can play in contributing to inclusion and peace.

In the presence of Her Majesty Queen Silvia.

Location: City Hall, Stockholm
Date: 21/03/2017
Time : 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Staffan de Mistura

Staffan is the Special Envoy for Syria of the United Nations Secretary-General. Prior to this assignment, he was the Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and Italy's Deputy Foreign Minister. During a career of over four decades with United Nations agencies, he served in numerous conflict zones, directing complex relief operations, food distributions and vaccination campaigns. Throughout 42 years of humanitarian work, he was posted in Sudan, Ethiopia, Albania, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Somalia. He also held senior political and humanitarian assignments in Lebanon and Iraq, and served as Deputy Executive Director of the World Food Programme.

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Selma Tengeborg

Selma is a municipal Police Officer working in Skåne, in the south of Sweden. Selma joined the Stockholm Police Academy at the age of 24, motivated by her vocation to help those in need. In her first placement as a Police Officer, she worked in Rosengård, Malmö, where she conducted emergency interventions. She also regularly engaged with young people in special initiatives of crime prevention. She currently works in Burlöv, near Malmö.

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Jeffrey Ige

Jeffrey is a Swedish Paralympic Champion. As a talented shot put athlete, he won the silver medal at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London. Jeffrey won the World and European Championship titles in 2011 and 2014 respectively, and broke the world record multiple times in his category. His journey from the outskirts of Stockholm to the Olympic podiums has inspired many, and turned him into a model of integration through sports.

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Emilia Bjuggren

Emilia is the Vice Mayor of Stockholm. Having grown up in Tensta, Stockholm, she holds a bachelor in Economics & Political Science from Stockholm University. Emilia first entered the Stockholm City Council in 2010, then acted as Oppositional Vice Mayor in 2014, representing the Social Democratic Party, before being elected Vice Mayor in September 2014. Currently, her main areas of responsibility are labour market- and sports policy. Throughout her activity, Emilia works to influence and change the society she lives in through equality and inclusion.

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Siavosh Derakhti

Siavosh is a Swedish Social Activist, founder of Young People Against Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia. He was born in Sweden of Iranian parents with Azerbaijani origins, who fled Iran in search of a better life in Scandinavia. As a teenager, concerned by growing anti-Semitism sentiments among his fellow Muslim friends, he organized a trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Germany, seeking to build bridges of understanding between Jews and Muslims. His initiative blossomed into a movement to combat xenophobia in Sweden, and Siavosh now travels throughout the country to spread his message of equality and dignity to schools, businesses and civil society organizations.

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Olof Skoog

Olof is the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Sweden to the United Nations in New York. An experienced diplomat, Olof was appointed Director-General for Political Affairs at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2004, and has represented Sweden in the United Nations, in the European Union and in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in several capacities. He has been the Swedish Ambassador to Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama and Colombia, where he took an active role in peace negotiations at the time. He has extensive experience of multilateral and bilateral negotiations focusing on peace and security.

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Hédi Fried

Hédi is a Swedish author and psychologist dedicated to spreading the message of democracy to combat xenophobia, using her own experiences as a Holocaust survivor. Born in 1924 in Sighet, Romania, she survived Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen before arriving in Stockholm in 1945. She has been awarded the Illis Quorum medal for education and therapeutic work, the Natur & Kulturs Kulturpris for her literary work, and the Swedish Peace Prize in 1999. She founded the Michael A. Fried Foundation in 2001 which awards scholarships to teachers working against xenophobia and gives lectures about her past experiences to school children.

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Anton Abele

Anton is an activist, debater and politician who became the youngest-ever Member of Swedish Parliament at only 18 years old. Following the success of a media campaign to prevent youth violence which mobilized several thousands of people, Anton founded the Stop Street Violence non-profit organization in 2007. He has since then been very active in the promotion of the role of youth to change society, and has been invited to a series of events, including by the Council of Europe.

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Lilla Akademien

Lilla Akademien, best translated as “The Junior Academy”, is a Stockholm-based music school funded in 1994 to give its pupils a solid musical foundation on which to build their lives. In a few years, Lilla Akademien has become one of the most significant institutions for the education of young musicians in Scandinavia, and has established itself as an important part of the Stockholm music scene, performing numerous concerts across the country every year. This unique school offers full-time tuition in music and regular schooling for children from 6 years and up, and enthusiastically welcomes students from all backgrounds in a willingness to reflect Sweden’s multiculturalism.

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Elin Rombo

Elin Rombo is a Swedish opera soprano. Elin grew up in a musical family and studied at the aesthetics program at De Geergymnasiet in Norrköping. She then continued her education in Canada at Brandon University, and at Operahögskolan I Stockholm where she graduated in 2003. During her studies, she made her stage debut at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm as Christa in Janäceks, The Makropulos Affair. She has since gone on to perform at the: Frankfurt Opera, the Salzburg Festival and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, amongst others. In 2009, Elin Rombo received the prestigious Birgit Nilsson Scholarship. In November 2013, she was named Court Singer and in 2016 she was awarded the medal Litteris et Artibus by the Swedish King.

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Alexandra Pascalidou

Alexandra is an award-winning writer, journalist, TV-and radio hostess, producer and a human rights advocate. She works in her two home countries - Greece and Sweden - moderating political debates, hosting talk shows, galas (including the Olympic Games 2004 and the Eurovision Song Contest 2005), as well as being a lecturer on democracy and diversity, pluralism and equality around Europe. In November 2016, Alexandra was the key note speaker on Free Speech at the EU-Commission. Furthermore, she acts as board member and good will ambassador for organisations such as Mentor and Femdefenders, fighting for women’s rights on an international level.

Tomas Amanuel

Tomas is Interpeace’s Local Facilitator in Sweden. Having grown up in Tensta, Stockholm, with an Eritrean background, Tomas has dedicated his life to helping other young people in need. Since 2015, he has led Interpeace’s efforts in Sweden, working on challenges to social inclusion. Tomas is passionate about social change and the empowerment of young people to positively contribute to making Stockholm's suburbs a more peaceful and inclusive environment. Tomas is an activist, social entrepreneur and role model for many youth in his community.

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Stockholm, Sweden, is renowned as a place for peace and reconciliation around the world. The birth place of Alfred Nobel who instituted the famous Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most respected hubs for peace.

Thanks to strong support from the Swedish government, Stockholm is a unique platform for researchers and policy-makers to work on peace and conflict. It is strongly influenced by the Swedish Foreign Policy tradition that seeks to preserve and maintain peace for centuries.

All these assets make Stockholm an outstanding place for international events such as Peace Talks.