Bringing Hope to the Hopeless

Abbas Gullet

Abbas Gullet - Bringing Hope to the Hopeless from Peace Talks on Vimeo.


Event: Nairobi Peace Talks 2015
Location: United Nations Office at Nairobi
Date: 12/11/2015

Abbas Gullet shows how, through volunteering and working for the Red Cross, he has helped bring hope to those who are hopeless, both in Kenya and internationally. He goes on to explain how his role has enabled him to be among the first responders or ‘firefighters’ in political, economic and social crises.

Tags: Dialogue,  Hope,  Humanitarian action,  Kenya

Abbas Gullet

Secretary General of the Kenyan Red Cross Society

Abbas is Secretary-General of the Kenya Red Cross. Under Abbas, the timely interventions of the Kenya Red Cross have earned it recognition as one of the best performing National Red Cross Societies globally. Abbas was the first African Deputy Secretary-General of the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC), but he chose to return to lead the Kenya Red Cross. His personal leadership in emergencies and humanitarian situations has made him one of Kenya’s most recognizable faces. In 2007 he was named “UN in Kenya Person of the Year”.