Life After Hate

Christian Picciolini

Christian Picciolini - Life After Hate from Peace Talks on Vimeo.


Event: Geneva Peace Talks 2017
Location: Palais des Nations, Room XIX
Date: 21/09/2017

“Hatred is born of ignorance. Fear is its father, and isolation is its mother.”

Christian Picciolini, “ex neo-Nazi turned hate breaker,” shared his powerful story of transformation and hope at the Geneva Peace Talks 2017. Christian shared his experience leaving the American hate movement that he helped build in the eighties and nineties and described how he went on to become a respected peace advocate.

Geneva Peace Talks 2017. Recorded at the Palais des Nations on September 21, 2017.

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Christian Picciolini

After leaving the American hate movement he helped build in the 1980s and 90s, Christian graduated from DePaul University and became a respected peace advocate. He won an Emmy Award in 2016 for his role in directing and producing an anti-hate advertising campaign that helped disengage youth from white supremacist groups. Most notably, in 2011 he co-founded Life After Hate, an NGO dedicated to helping others gain the knowledge necessary to disengage from violent extremism. In 2015, Christian published his memoir, Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead, where he details his involvement in the early American white power skinhead movement.