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Duo Pososhok

Duo Pososhok

Duo Pososhok - Duo Pososhok from Peace Talks on Vimeo.


Event: Geneva Peace Talks 2019
Location: United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), Building E, Room XVIII
Date: 19/09/2019

Geneva Peace Talks 2019. Recorded at the Palais des Nations on September 19, 2019.


Duo Pososhok

The Duo POSOSHOK is a group that mixes South African sounds with those of the rest of Africa and worldwide. The songs are in Zulu and Bafia (Cameroonian language) but also in French and English. POSOSHOK was founded by Conrad Hughes, guitarist, singer and songwriter originally from Johannesburg. Estelle Baroung Hughes (Cameroon) is the singer and dancer of POSOSHOK but she is also the artistic director and composer.