Ebba Akerman - Social Inclusion at the Dinner Table

Ebba Åkerman

Event: Geneva Peace Talks 2015
Location: Palais des Nations
Date: 18/09/2015

Ebba Åkerman, founder of United Invitations, shares her inspiration for fostering social inclusion among native Swedes and immigrants with little more than a dinner table. Ebba’s idea has spread beyond Sweden across Europe to become something of a social phenomenon.

Tags: Cultural Sensitivity,  Dialogue,  Diversity,  Engagement,  Exchange,  Identity,  Interdependence,  Multi-ethnicity,  Personal Relations,  Sweden,  Trust

Ebba Åkerman

Founder of United Invitations

Ebba ran into one of her students on a train and asked him whether he enjoyed living in her country. She found his ambivalent answer deeply disturbing. It became clear to her that most of her students lived in immigrant neighborhoods and had virtually no contact with native Swedes. This motivated Ebba to create United Invitations, a Swedish platform that promotes inclusion of immigrants in European societies. The idea inspired dinners in which she hosted immigrants and longtime Swedish residents who came to know each other, and is fast becoming a movement.