Change the World Through Giving

Emmanuel Jal

Event: Ottawa Peace Talks 2016
Location: Delegation of Ismaili Imamat
Date: 19/04/2016

Emmanuel shares a spoken word about his childhood and journey from child soldier to artist, activist and entrepreneur. He shares the three gifts he was given that he is now using to make the world a better place. He also performs his hit song “We Want Peace”.

Tags: Behaviour,  Conflict,  Diversity,  Music,  Peacebuilding,  Positive Change,  Respect,  South Sudan

Emmanuel Jal

Former child soldier turned recording artist, actor and activist

In the war-torn region of Southern Sudan, Emmanuel Jal was born into the life of a child soldier on an unknown date in the early 1980s. Through unbelievable struggles, Emmanuel managed to survive and emerge as a recording artist, achieving worldwide acclaim for his unique style of hip hop with its message of peace and reconciliation born out of his personal experiences. Emmanuel has released four studio albums: Gua, Ceasefire, Warchild and See Me Mama. He was one of the lead characters in 'The Good Lie' alongside Reese Witherspoon following the journey of three 'Lost Boys' from South Sudan to the US.