Greg Boyle - Dismantling Barriers to Exclusion

Greg Boyle

Event: Geneva Peace Talks 2015
Location: Palais des Nations
Date: 18/09/2015

Father Greg Boyle has devoted many years of his life to tackling the issue of urban gang violence in Los Angeles. The way to bring peace, in his view, is to include the excluded and to break barriers between rivals. In this video he recounts a moving story of how Homeboy Industries is achieving this goal little by little.

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Greg Boyle

Founder and director of Homeboy Industries

Father Greg is an American Jesuit priest. He is the founder and director of Homeboy Industries and former pastor of Dolores Mission Church. Homeboy Industries began when a concerned group of Angelenos, led by Father Gregory Boyle, asked a simple question: “Can we improve the health and safety of our community through jobs and education rather than through suppression and incarceration?” Today, Homeboy Industries is recognized as the largest and most successful gang intervention and re-entry program in the world, and has become a national model. Father Greg is the author of a New York Times bestselling book; 'Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion'.