Peace: An Inside Job

Judson Webb, Kjersti Webb and Nik Dahlstrom

Event: Geneva Peace Talks 2014
Location: Palais des Nations
Date: 19/09/2014

Backed by his two “human puppets” Nik and Kjersti, Judson shows how easily every day conflict can appear. Together, they explore some of the root causes of this tension. This short sketch also reminds everyone of the role played by personal history in an individual’s behaviour or mood.

Tags: Behaviour,  Communication,  Conflict,  Dialogue,  Identity,  Personal History,  Tension

Judson Webb, Kjersti Webb and Nik Dahlstrom

Programme Manager

Judson is an independent American actor, writer, producer and director who has worked in both the theatre and film industries for over 20 years. Kjersti, an accomplished performer, also comes from a theatrical background. Nik has worked as a freelance artistic director, educator and children’s writer. Based in Sweden, Judson, Kjersti and Nik are currently working for Initiatives of Change, organizing events which combine their theatre skills with peacebuilding.