How Can a Constitution Build Peace?

Michele Brandt

Event: Ottawa Peace Talks 2016
Location: Delegation of Ismaili Imamat
Date: 19/04/2016

Drawing from her experience in Timor Leste and Afghanistan, Michele shares lessons about broad and diverse participation in constitution-making processes. She discusses the importance of bringing these processes out from behind-closed doors and into the open.

Tags: Afghanistan,  Civil Society,  Constitution,  Peace,  Peace agreement,  Process,  Region,  Tension,  Unity

Michele Brandt

Director of Interpeace's Constitution-making for Peace programme and the Women's Constitutional Voices Project

For over two decades, Michele has led constitutional research, training, policy and technical assistance efforts throughout Africa, Central and East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. In Afghanistan and East Timor, she served as the full-time constitutional advisor to the United Nation’s missions and the local constitution-making bodies. In Cambodia, Michele founded a women's human rights organization and led a legal aid office. She has authored numerous books, articles and policy reports on constitution-making, gender and peacebuilding -- including Interpeace’s handbook on constitution-making (available in six languages).