Stories from the refugee crisis

Nisreen Ismail & Erum Hasan

Event: Ottawa Peace Talks 2016
Location: Delegation of Ismaili Imamat
Date: 19/04/2016

Nisreen is a refugee settlement specialist who left Syria as a refugee to Canada. Erum is a part of a private sponsorship group for Syrian families. They met through social media. In their talk, they share how the current Syrian refugee crisis brought them together and how through small acts we all can make a difference.

Tags: Civic Engagement,  Community,  Diversity,  Exchange,  Future,  Hope,  Peacebuilding,  Personal Relations,  Refugee crisis,  Social Cohesion,  Syria

Nisreen Ismail & Erum Hasan

Refugee sponsor

Nisreen is an Immigration and Resettlement specialist whose passion for working with refugees never led her to think she would ever become one herself.  Born and raised in Damascus, Nisreen’s career was shaped while working for the Resettlement Unit of the Canadian Embassy in Syria. The escalating situation in Syria made it impossible for her to stay, so she made the tough decision to flee to Jordan. She landed in Canada as a Privately Sponsored Refugee. She now volunteers with several groups and provides interpretation, consultation, and support to both refugee sponsors and sponsored families.

Erum is a sustainable development professional whose work usually takes her abroad. The Syrian refugee crisis provided an opportunity to work in Canada. Through social media, Erum was able to connect with like-minded strangers, establish a community organization, and begin the private sponsorship of a Syrian family. With the support of friends and family, this organization was able to mobilize funds, develop resettlement plans and support Syrian families in acclimatizing to Canadian life.