Furthering Women's Role in Peacebuilding

Selline Korir

Event: Nairobi Peace Talks 2015
Location: United Nations Office at Nairobi
Date: 12/11/2015

Peace is an integral part of Selline Korir’s life. She shares how living through Kenya’s land clashes inspired in her a steadfast commitment to peacebuilding and reconciliation by working with women and displaced communities.

Tags: Conflict,  Dialogue,  Kenya,  Peacebuilding,  Refugee crisis,  Women

Selline Korir

Peacebuilder and founder of the Rural Women Peace Link

Selline is the founder of the Rural Women Peace Link (RWPL), a network of grassroots women's organizations operating in areas affected by armed conflicts in the western parts of Kenya. Selline and RWPL are working to help the communities through trauma healing for widows and ex-child-militias, as well as economic empowerment and reintegration of ex-militias into their communities. Selline has worked for many years in different rural parts of Kenya, empowering women and girls to become active citizens and agents of change.