Severin Kouamé - Peace comes from the inside

Séverin Yao Kouamé

Event: Geneva Peace Talks 2015
Location: Palais des Nations
Date: 18/09/2015

Séverin Kouamé explains that we must never lose hope with regards to peace. Peace is possible, he says, but it must be built from the inside and requires that societies stop depending on others for their future.

Tags: Behaviour,  Conflict Resolution,  Côte d'Ivoire,  Dialogue,  Division,  Exchange,  Identity,  National Ownership,  Peacebuilding,  Respect,  Social Cohesion,  Trust

Séverin Yao Kouamé

Coordinator of Indigo Côte d'Ivoire

Séverin Kouamé, PhD in sociology and research professor at the University of Bouaké, founded and coordinates the local Interpeace team named Indigo Côte d'Ivoire. An exceptional facilitator working closely with the Ivorian population, his efforts are directed at community reconciliation in the country. According to him, it is the inclusive and participatory approach to which he was introduced that has positively impacted his initially pessimistic view of peacebuilding initiatives. He has come to realize that "peace is possible if you know how to bring it about."