Tareke Brhane & Antonio Dovizio - Stories from the Refugee crisis

Antonio Dovizio and Tareke Bhrane

Event: Geneva Peace Talks 2015
Location: Palais des Nations
Date: 18/09/2015

Tareke Brhane and Lieutenant Antonio Dovizio recount different experiences of the same story. Tareke speaks of his journey as a refugee from Eritrea to Europe, while Lieutenant Dovizio shares his experience with the Italian navy rescuing refugees and migrants shipwrecked in the Mediterranean.

Tags: Division,  Eritrea,  Europe,  Human Rights,  Identity,  Justice,  Refugee crisis,  Respect,  Social Cohesion,  Syria

Antonio Dovizio and Tareke Bhrane

Lieutenant in the Italian Navy; president of the 3rd of October Committee and former refugee

Lieutenant Antonio Dovizio from the Italian Navy just finished his mission on the Offshore Patrol Vessel ITS VEGA, where he served as Commanding Officer. The Ship has been involved in Mare Nostrum Operation, Frontex Joint Operation Triton, Mare Sicuro Operation and the Sicily Channel patrol operation. During Antonio’s mission, ITS VEGA has been involved in several Search and Rescue Operations, rescuing more than 5400 migrants in the Mediterranean sea. Tareke was born in Eritrea but fled at age 17 to avoid forced military conscription for life. He faced death, violence and imprisonment while crossing Sudan and Libya, and his first attempt to cross the Mediterranean was rejected. At the end of 2005, Tareke reached Sicily, and has since dedicated himself to helping others who have had to flee unbearable situations. He lives in Rome where he helps to asylum seekers and is president of the 3rd of October Committee, a non-profit dedicated to gaining national and European recognition for migrants who die at sea.