We Are One

Zarina Patel

Zarina Patel - We Are One from Peace Talks on Vimeo.


Event: Nairobi Peace Talks 2015
Location: United Nations Office at Nairobi
Date: 12/11/2015

Zarina Patel, a journalist and historian, gives her perspective on how peace can be built if we embrace the idea that we are one, regardless of ethnicity, religion or nationality. Her story of saving the Jeevanjee Gardens from land grabbers in the 90s provides a powerful example of how communal strength can overcome deep divisions.

Tags: Community,  Diversity,  Division,  Identity,  Kenya,  Multi-ethnicity,  Peace,  Unity

Zarina Patel

Writer, Editor and Human Rights Activist

Zarina is an author, historian, human rights activist and environmentalist with a deep interest in Kenyan South Asian affairs. Famous for almost single-handedly saving the public Jeevanjee Gardens in Nairobi from land grabbers in 1991, Zarina is a founding member of the Asian African Heritage Trust and was a member of the Ufungamano initiative for Constitutional Change in Kenya. In 2003 she was appointed to the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission taskforce. She has authored three books and is currently managing editor of AwaaZ magazine.