Peace is for everyone.
No effort to build peace is too small.

One of the resounding learnings emerging from all the PeaceTalks is that your participation matters. Successfully building peace involves listening to all voices. What is important is the vision and hope for creating a better and more peaceful world. The many stories told at our events and across our platform have taught us that peace often begins at home, within us and our own communities.

A smile to a stranger.
A prayer for civilians experiencing conflict.
Encouraging discussion within one’s community.
Fostering inner peace through meditation.
Building a business employing refugees.
Mediating a peace agreement between warring parties.

At the PeaceTalks,
we propose four practical levels of engagement

Want to help build a more peaceful world? But not sure where to start? What does “peace” even mean to you?

Whether you are an adult or a child, there is a wealth of hopeful knowledge to be found in our archive of PeaceTalks and latest projects. Search our database of stories to be inspired today and everyday for peace. Our stories touch upon an endless variety of themes: identity, refugees, overcoming xenophobia, peacebuilding, pivotal life-changing moments, business for peace, etc.

It is our hope that each PeaceTalks you listen to can help you reflect on your own ability to be a peacemaker, deconstruct unhelpful stereotypes and perhaps question some of your own personal assumptions about peace or other connected issues. A particular talk might even spark the fire of peace in you to mindfully build peace at home, in your community and in the world. This might start with a smile, discussion, a collaboration or the founding of your very own project. The sky is the limit when it comes to peace!

Every month, we share a curation of hopeful projects, people or initiatives from around the world on our blog. We hope this will further inspire you to participate in peace.

Do you have a story to tell? Is peace a life mission of yours? Or are you working on a project you think we should know about?

If you want to be considered as a potential speaker, please fill out our contact form with your story or project and explain why you would like to become part of the PeaceTalks network.

Please note that all our speakers are carefully selected to ensure balance in different voices and that varied topics are addressed at our different events. If you want to become a speaker at a Peace Talks event, please contact us with your story here.

We welcome students and teachers that might want to use PeaceTalks videos in their classroom.

PeaceTalks videos are a useful medium to help students and teachers discuss and reflect on complex and challenging topics which we might experience personally, as a community or hear of in the news.

In 2021, we are piloting a student-led PeaceTalks Club with the International School of Geneva whereby students meet weekly to discuss a different PeaceTalk and work on producing their own PeaceTalk. If you are a student, teacher or school that would be interested in having your own PeaceTalks Club, please contact us here.

To support PeaceTalks videos being used in the classroom, all videos have been organized by theme for students and teachers to discuss themes important to them. Issues such as conflict, xenophobia, racism, violence, war, sexism etc. are not always easy to address, however it is often vital to create more awareness of challenges we face as a society and consider how to overcome them.

Do you want to collaborate with PeaceTalks on a special project? Do you want to sponsor a PeaceTalks?  Do you want to organise your own PeaceTalks?

Since 2013, Peace Talks have been organized in 7 countries. We have been fortunate to partner with a whole range of institutions and companies to make this happen. One of our goals is to get more people talking about peace and encouraging others to realise their own agency to build peace around the world. We believe that collaboration is the way forward to light the spark of peace in the hearts of many. Below we list different ways you might be able to partner with us.


At PeaceTalks, we have been very fortunate to collaborate with a wide range of businesses and institutions to organise Peace Talks and work on special projects. 

If you would like sponsor an event and/or collaborate on a project, please contact us via our contact form.

Discover all our past sponsors and partners on our About page here.


Every year, we are delighted to receive many requests to organise Peace Talks around the world. If you do want to organise a PeaceTalks, please do get in touch with us here. We cannot guarantee that our team will be available to collaborate due to human resources and funding requirements.

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