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Turning a "like" into real action

Anton Abele

Event: Stockholm Peace Talks 2017
Location: City Hall, Stockholm
Date: 21/03/2017

“Moral courage, activism and engagement in real life, outside of social media is actually becoming less and less common. It’s our job to turn that around and reignite true activism and engagement.”

The youngest-ever Member of Swedish Parliament, Anton Abele, speaks about what motivated him to begin a movement against street violence in Stockholm. He is passionate about inspiring activism amongst youth in Sweden and abroad.

Stockholm Peace Talks 2017. Recorded at Stockholm City Hall on March 21, 2017.

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Anton Abele

Politician and activist

Anton is an activist, debater and politician who became the youngest-ever Member of Swedish Parliament at only 18 years old. Following the success of a media campaign to prevent youth violence which mobilized several thousands of people, Anton founded the Stop Street Violence non-profit organization in 2007. He has since then been very active in the promotion of the role of youth to change society, and has been invited to a series of events, including by the Council of Europe.