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A Stockholm for everyone

Emilia Bjuggren

Emilia Bjuggren - A Stockholm for everyone from Peace Talks on Vimeo.


Event: Stockholm Peace Talks 2017
Location: City Hall, Stockholm
Date: 21/03/2017

“Hardship can also bring people closer together, we see a fantastic and growing commitment among citizens in Tensta, as well as in other areas in the city. And I have good faith that if all these good forces work together we can create a Stockholm for everyone.”

Vice Mayor of Stockholm, Emilia Bjuggren, shares her personal story growing up in Tensta, amongst inequality, and how she was motivated to become a part of the Social Democratic Party in Sweden to change the reality in the suburbs of Stockholm.

Stockholm Peace Talks 2017. Recorded at Stockholm City Hall on March 21, 2017.

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Emilia Bjuggren

Vice Mayor of Stockholm

Emilia is the Vice Mayor of Stockholm. Having grown up in Tensta, Stockholm, she holds a bachelor in Economics & Political Science from Stockholm University. Emilia first entered the Stockholm City Council in 2010, then acted as Oppositional Vice Mayor in 2014, representing the Social Democratic Party, before being elected Vice Mayor in September 2014. Currently, her main areas of responsibility are labour market- and sports policy. Throughout her activity, Emilia works to influence and change the society she lives in through equality and inclusion.