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Empowering girls and youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Noëlla Coursaris

Event: London Peace Talks 2018
Location: Salesforce Tower
Date: 11/12/2018

“I have a dream for my government and governments in Africa that we need to emphasize more in teachers’ training and updating our curriculum, and we need to build not only schools, we need high-quality schools that will transform the continent that will transform villages, that will prepare children for the 21st century.”

Philanthropist and founder of Malaika, Noëlla Coursaris, talks about her decision to educate and empower girls in her home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. What started as a small school program has now become a transformative force for girls in the DRC.

London Peace Talks 2018. Recorded at the Salesforce Tower on December 11, 2018.


Noëlla Coursaris

Philanthropist and model Noëlla is the founder of Malaika, a grassroots nonprofit that works to educate and empower girls and communities in her home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Founded in 2007, Malaika’s work has three main components, all offered free of charge: 1) An accredited school for 314 girls; 2) A community center that offers literacy, health, sports, and vocational programs; and 3) Access to clean water through 17 new and refurbished wells. Noella is also a mother of two children, an Ambassador for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria and most recently received an award from Dr. Maki Mandela and the Mandela Family for her work in the Democratic Republic of Congo.