Leading by example across borders

Wala' Alsmadi and Zakaria EL Baba

Event: Geneva Peace Talks 2018
Location: Palais des Nations
Date: 21/09/2018

“If we expect the peace we’re building to outlive us, we must be actively passing it on by crossing generational borders – building peacebuilders who can continue that process.”

Wala’ and Zakaria are peacebuilders working with Generation For Peace, empowering Middle-eastern youth through arts and sports. This experience made them realize that we must cross borders of impact, borders of expectation and borders of generation to create peaceful societies.

Geneva Peace Talks 2018. Recorded at the Palais des Nations on September 21, 2018.


Wala' Alsmadi and Zakaria EL Baba

Wala’ and Zakaria became part of Generations for Peace (GFP) in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Wala is from Jordan and has been involved in volunteer work for the past 13 years. She joined GFP because of its focus on fostering young leaders through sports and arts programs. Wala’ realized that this type of focus allowed participants, who had experienced violence and loss, to utilize their life experiences in a creative and constructive way. A year later, Zakaria, a Lebanese citizen who is also passionate about empowering youth, received training to lead a project to promote respect for human rights through sports and arts in partnership with GFP. One of the most memorable experiences Zakaria had while leading this project, was successfully preventing an early marriage for a 16-year-old female participant. In their work with GFP, Zakaria and Wala’ are constantly inspired by the individuals they work with to continue working towards fostering young peacebuilders.