Andersonne Adolatha Uwineza


“Sustainability is not about the next five or ten years. It’s about the next 100 years… in our own fields, how can what we are creating be around for the next century ?”

Andersonne Adolatha Uwineza is a multi-talented artist. She has chosen to spread the message of peace through arts and performance. She also works on gender responsiveness. In her talk, she urges young people to educate themselves on what GreenSkills are and how they can develop them for the sustainable development and peace of our society.

Andersonne Adolatha Uwineza is a multi-talented Rwandan artist passionate about storytelling, poetry, acting, song writing and music composition. She is a self-produced artist of unsigned non-mainstream music contributing to healing, peace of mind and rebuilding lives.

Andersonne is an active member of Ndabaga Impact, a youth organisation that empowers and engages young people as leaders of change.

The Ndabaga Impact builds and strengthens the capacity of youth through intergenerational dialogues, research, and creative arts to become active agents of peace and community development.