Antje Herrberg



Dr. Antje Herrberg is a mediator, teacher and peace-making coach, working as a senior mediation advisor at the EU’s European External Action Service and a guest professor at the College of Europe since 2013. Since 1989, she has dedicated her life to overcome divisions through facilitation of dialogues. In the past, she co-founded mediatEUr a European peace mediation service NGO; has served as member of the UN Standby team of mediation experts, was a chief facilitation advisor to Martti Ahtisaari and a mediation director of the Crisis Management Initiative, has worked for Interpeace and as a Regional Director for the EastWest Institute. She has supported the creation of mediation support capacities in a number of regional and private organisations, such as the European Institute of Peace. Besides her regular mediation practice, she has worked hands on in 16 international peace-making cases. Over the years, she has focused increasingly on psychological aspects in international conflict resolution processes and seeks to advance climate change issues as an essential thematic issue for peace negotiations.

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“The trust that you build as a mediator is not about the agreement in itself, but it is the process that you craft to rebuild trust, and that goes beyond the words that are spelled out in the peace agreement.”

Antje Herrberg