César López


César López a renowned Colombian musician and composer, has dedicated himself to fostering peace and reconciliation in Colombia through his artistic endeavors. He has established a network of artistic projects that use unique forms of expression to explore profound human emotions while also promoting a strong social commitment to today’s world.

Over the past 25 years, Lopez, a multi-instrumentalist, has created numerous musical works, albums, and projects independently. His contributions have earned him titles such as United Nations Messenger of Non-Violence, Amnesty International’s Messenger of Conscience, and Ambassador of Goodwill of the European Union in Colombia.

César’s initiatives unite young individuals and artists in collaborative efforts that spread messages of peace globally. These collaborations have led to a network showcasing the artistic expressions of communities impacted by the Colombian armed conflict, contributing to memory and reconciliation efforts.

As a singer, composer, pianist, and guitarist, he has released 12 albums under his independent label. He distinguishes himself with meticulously crafted compositions and productions. Notably, he’s known for creating the “Escopetarra,” a guitar made from an AK-47 rifle, exhibited in international museums.

César is the driving force behind two significant Latin American initiatives: the “24-0” movement, advocating for 24 hours with zero violent deaths to emphasize the value of life, and the “National Orchestra of Hope,” which provides instruments, music training, and recording opportunities in conflict-affected areas.

The Special Musical Performance at the Geneva PeaceTalks by César Lopez is made possible through the Plan for the promotion of Colombia abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia