Diwele Molale Lubi

South Africa – France

Diwele Molale Lubi dance peace talks


Diwele Molale Lubi, of South African origins, is a choreographer, dance artist, conference speaker, teacher and artistic director at Matlosana Centre for the Arts (Cie Matlosana) company. He grew up in a township during the heights of apartheid. He, like many young people at the time, stood up against the oppression of the then unequal government and fought in the streets for the abolition of the apartheid system.

Diwele got involved in traditional dances,music and at an early age, it was through theater-dance that Diwele found a commitment allowing him to deal with social issues such as alternative healing, the “cosmic” world, traditional African rhythms and dances. He therefore set up to investigate the relevance of the traditional African beliefs in our modern society.

He taught contemporary dance for two years at the International School of Geneva (Switzerland 2018-2020), five years at Westminster Academy in London (UK 2007-2014), a Political Dance Theatre tutor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels (Belgium 2016-2017), dance professor (STAPS) University of Strasbourg (France 2017-18) as well as the project co-ordinator between the students of the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) Strasbourg France and St Martin College University of London.

Between 2015 – 2019, his creation “DIKAKANYO: Conversation with myself” a solo piece in tribute to Nelson Mandela which toured the Alsace and Nord de Palais regions in France and performed at L’Alhambra in Geneva (Switzerland 2019).

Diwele is currently working on his conference titled “NGWAO: Our Rituals” based on the analysis of the San Healing dance from both the Spiritual and Scientific perspectives.

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“We only need access. Access to knowledge. Access to education. Access to self-expression. Education for all is a human right.”

Diwele Molale Lubi