Elin Rombo



Elin Rombo is a Swedish opera soprano. Elin grew up in a musical family and studied at the aesthetics program at De Geergymnasiet in Norrköping. She then continued her education in Canada at Brandon University, and at Operahögskolan I Stockholm where she graduated in 2003. During her studies, she made her stage debut at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm as Christa in Janäceks, The Makropulos Affair. She has since gone on to perform at the: Frankfurt Opera, the Salzburg Festival and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, amongst others. In 2009, Elin Rombo received the prestigious Birgit Nilsson Scholarship. In November 2013, she was named Court Singer and in 2016 she was awarded the medal Litteris et Artibus by the Swedish King.

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