Erum Hasan



Erum is a sustainable development professional whose work usually takes her abroad. The Syrian refugee crisis provided an opportunity to work in Canada. Through social media, Erum was able to connect with like-minded strangers, establish a community organization, and begin the private sponsorship of a Syrian family. With the support of friends and family, this organization was able to mobilize funds, develop resettlement plans and support Syrian families in acclimatizing to Canadian life.

Erum Hasan delivered her PeaceTalk alongside Nisreen Ismail

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“I’ve been criticised, called naive, told that outsiders will threaten the Canadian way of life, people will be on welfare and our tax dollars are going to be supporting strangers and foreigners. To this I answer, we must be weary of the labels we prescribe to people before we’ve even had a conversation with them.”

Erum Hasan