Fatima Zaman

United Kingdom – Bangladesh


Fatima is currently a civil servant in the UK. She leads on policy work relating to Countering Violent-Extremism, Terrorism and Faith-related matters. Her work involves advising key stakeholders on countering-extremism both within and beyond the education sector. She has extensive knowledge and experience of working in the CVE field at the local, regional and national level. Fatima has a keen interest in counter-narratives that seek to dispel, discredit and destroy the narrative employed by extremists. She strongly advocates engagement and dialogue around matters of faith and integration to achieve this. She is a Young Leader at the Kofi Annan Foundation’s program Extremely Together.

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“Coming from one of the poorest boroughs in the UK, and being of British, Bengali, and Muslim heritage, I have always been reduced to a mere statistic.”

Fatima Zaman