Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi



Ghaida is a peacebuilder working with Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel. She is the founder and General Director of an Israeli NGO, the Injaz Center for Professional Arab Local Governance, a post she has held since 2008. She is highly respected within Palestinian society in Israel, especially for facilitating the development of the first document that established a vision for Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel. In 2011, she was the only Arab woman to be selected as one of the 100 most influential persons in Israel by the Israeli economic magazine “The Marker.” Today, Injaz is the local partner organization of Interpeace in Israel and is an essential and respected actor dealing with issues of Arab governance in Israel.

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“I believe that we are a creation of both worlds. We are part of the Palestinian-Arab Muslim world. We are also part of the Israeli Western world. Because of this dilemma, complexity, confusion, it could be the opportunity for us to be the true builders for any sustainable peace between Palestinian and Israelis. That is what peace means to me.”

Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi