Kasha Sequoia Slavner


Kasha Sequoia Slavner is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, photographer and passionate global youth leader for climate justice and peace.

At 15, she founded The Global Sunrise Project, a positive impact media hub, with a mission to use storytelling through film, photography, and social media content, to transform the narrative about what’s possible. The organization also develops and distributes educational resources, discussion guides, and conducts workshops with a focus on action planning, civic engagement, SDG awareness, and storytelling for climate justice.

Kasha’s first feature documentary, The Sunrise Storyteller, had its World Premiere at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in 2017, has screened at over 61 film festivals and won 31 awards. She is currently in production with 1.5 Degrees of Peace,  a character-driven feature documentary, exploring how militarization, nuclear weapons and conflicts are intrinsically linked with the climate crisis. The film highlights their journeys to build bridges between disarmament, peace-building and environmental justice.