Maged Alkholidy


Maged Alkholidy - PeaceTalks Geneva 2022 - International Day of Peace


Maged Al-Kholidy is a Yemeni activist who started a youth initiative in 2009 with 4 young men and women members with focus on youth’s empowerment and civic engagement. In 2013 he founded Youth without Borders Organization for Development as a local NGO which covers a wide range of areas in Yemen operated by a team of 40 young men and women.

Maged works as an expert consultant and freelancer for various local and international NGOs on the issues of peacebuilding, youth, security issues and arts. He co-authored two papers on security reforms in Ta‘iz and co-authored four other papers on: the role of youth in peacebuilding in Yemen, the role of arts in peacebuilding, the role of arts in transitional justice in Yemen and the Yemeni context and the roles of civil society and the international actors in peacebuilding in Yemen.

Maged has a bachelor degree in English Literature and Arts from the Faculty of Arts, Taiz University where he demonstrated leadership skills by leading and organizing many indoor and outdoor university activities. In 2009, he obtained a master degree of Arts in English from the Languages Center, Ta‘iz University and worked as instructor in the Faculty of Arts, Ta’iz University for eight years.

From 2004 to 2010, he dedicated time to write more than a hundred featured articles on the political and social life in Yemen for the Yemen Times Newspaper.