Nino Rizzo



Nino is a psychologist, psychotherapist and member of the Swiss Society of Psychoanalysis. After his university studies, Nino worked as a teaching assistance at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences at the University of Geneva and later became a Research Officer and Lecturer at a social studies institute in Geneva. Simultaneously, Nino worked at centers for adolescents and young addicts as a psychosocial specialist. After these experiences, Nino was successively the head of the “Adolescence” section and Clinical Director at Espace A, a center that works to ensure the rights of children in adoptive and host families. Since 2016, Nino exclusively focuses on his private clinic.

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“What allows us to interact and be authentically close to others is the fact of being well within our own borders – family-related, sexual, religious, cultural, geographic, racial, etc. The more anchored and solid these internal barriers are, the less humanity needs to build external borders.”

Nino Rizzo