Rashad Ali

United Kingdom


Rashad is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and a Counter Terrorism practitioner. He works on deradicalisation initiatives alongside prisons, probation programmes, police and community groups. He is classically trained in Islamic theology and jurisprudence, as well as in Modern studies in Islam. He has read at Markfield Institute and taken courses at al-Azhar University, Cairo. He is an author of “A Guide to Refuting Jihadism” and of a chapter analyzing Hizb ut Tahrir ideology and strategy. His latest publication is entitled “Blasphemy, Charlie Hebdo, and the Freedom of Belief and Expression – The Paris attacks and the reactions.”

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“The greater good can always be manipulated. Whether it was for Stalin, whether it’s for Mao or whether it’s for Islamist terrorists. The criteria of the greater good is always a criteria that can be utilized for the killing and the murder of innocent civilians.”

Rashad Ali