Sadat Zagah Zziwa



Sadat is a former gang member, who has become a peace ambassador. Sadat is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building at the Islamic Call University College of Kampala, Uganda. Sadat is also a Team leader and Co-founder of the Ngabo Youth Friendly Service Centre, a youth-led organization aimed at championing the access, availability and utilization of quality youth friendly services across the country, through comprehensive approaches geared towards increasing participation in governance. He recruits gangsters and people from the ghetto in order to engage them productively and contribute to the country’s development.

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“In the ghetto space, I was influenced by Somali colleague to join one of the terrorist groups. In Kampala, I fell back to the streets and the gang space where there was no hope or opportunity. When I met a police officer, he listened to me and treated me like a son, something I was longing for in my home because I didn’t have anyone to talk to. In 2014, I started my journey towards transformation and talked to inspire gangster to adopt a positive living. I and my friend started co-founded Ngabo Youth Friendly Service Centre as a space for ghetto people, for an alternative of their lives.”

Sadat Zagah Zziwa