Sofia Stril-Rever



Sofia Stril-Rever, a spiritual activist and teacher, is an award-winning author, a public speaker, and the French biographer of the Dalai Lama. She co-authored 4 books with him, translated into over twenty languages and adapted his life story for the screen in the biopic, Dalai Lama, One Life after the other.

In 2016, Sofia co-organized with the Paris Bar the international conference Law, Universal Responsibility and Environment, bringing together 350 lawyers and environmental experts with the Dalai Lama. In 2018-2019, she co-organized with Khoa Nguyen the Better We Better World seminars in Dharamsala, on the theme of the 5th Revolution of love and compassion, with the Dalai Lama and Professor Samdhong Rinpoche. In April 2021, she hosted the online conversation Be the Love for One Better World with the Dalai Lama and young global changemakers and she is the founding president of Be the Love, a transformational program of heart and mind awakening. She created the Be the Love medit-actions’ protocol, which provides keys of conscience to shift from individualism to altruism and accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, in the service of a civilization of love.