Yves Daccord


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Yves Daccord is a renowned humanitarian leader, international strategist, influencer and changemaker. Yves has consistently engaged on the frontlines of new global challenges and is a key figure in helping to define the humanitarian, political and societal agendas in the modern world. An inspiring speaker and innovative thinker, with long experience on global stages and platforms, Yves has a deep ability to translate personal insight and understanding of real-world problems into solution-oriented visions of the future of our societies. His current focus is on the theme of security, social contract and the role of cities at the age of digital surveillance and pandemics, which is the subject of a special initiative he is leading at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and society. Yves currently serves as Co-Chair of the International Commission on Inclusive Peace (ICIP), which is spearheading the Principles for Peace initiative, a global participatory process to reframe thinking on the global peace agenda and develop new principles and standards for peace. From 2010 – March 2020 Yves was Director-General of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), a global humanitarian organization employing 20,000 staff. A former journalist, TV producer and international relations expert, his ICRC career spanned more than two decades in a variety of posts and challenging contexts – including Israel and the Occupied Territories, Sudan, Yemen, Chechnya and Georgia.

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“We need to believe that peace is possible. It seems to me that, if we look at our community, our society, our media…peace seems to be a rare commodity. Something that is not important anymore. It’s almost something that will not happen. We need to reverse that. Peace is possible.”

Yves Daccord