Finance and Peace: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Lionel Aeschlimann

Event: Geneva Peace Talks 2016
Location: Palais des Nations, Room XVII
Date: 21/09/2016

“Whatever our job we can choose to do things differently, act unselfishly, responsibly, integrate others…..even in finance.”

In this talk, Geneva based banker Lionel Aeschlimann discusses the parallels between finance and peace, with a focus on leadership and trust. Lionel is one of the Managing Partners at Mirabaud.

Geneva Peace Talks 2016. Recorded at the United Nations Office at Geneva on 21 September 2016.
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Tags: Conflict,  Finance,  Geneva,  Trust

Lionel Aeschlimann

Managing Partner of Mirabaud and CEO of Mirabaud Asset Management

Lionel joined Mirabaud & Cie in 2010 as a member of the Executive Committee. He is a Managing Partner since January 2011 and responsible for the Asset Management division. Lionel is also a member of the Expert Commission for Asset Management of the Swiss Funds and Asset Management Association, a member of the Swiss Takeover Board, and a member of the Board of the Swiss think tank Avenir Suisse. Prior to joining Mirabaud, Lionel was a lawyer practicing at the bar of Geneva since 1994.