Amadou Dabitao

France – Mali

Amadou Dabitao


Amadou Dabitao was born in Mali, and at the age 4, in 1997, he moved to a town called Gennevilliers in the Parisian suburbs of France.

He did all he could to succeed, to make his parents proud and to who his little brothers and sisters that they could achieve anything they wanted.

He earned a degree in computer engineering. But he was not completely satisfied with this, because all around him, he saw people that did not have the same opportunities as him. He wondered what role he could play to help improve their daily lives.

He then created a media called BanlieusardNouveau. He decided to focus on culture and soft power. Through this, he believes that he can help people think differently and change the way they approach life.

Since, his media has become an infinite source of energy and motivation. Amadou’s goal is to do good, because as he likes to say “we can never do too much good.” Bringing peace into people’s lives is what he lives for today.

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Amadou Dabitao