Azra Hadzic

Bosnia And Herzegovina


Azra is an architect who spent most of her career (1992-2014) at the Institute for the Protection of Monuments within the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports in Sarajevo. More than twenty years of work allowed her to gain a specific experience in the preparation of project documentation for conservation, restoration and reconstruction of architectural and archaeological heritage, supervision of building works, development of management plans, as well as to participate in the projects that included co-operation with international organizations. Until the end of 2013, she was a member of the National Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Co-operation with UNESCO and since 2014, she works as an independent expert on conservation and restoration projects both in and outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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“Peace is not a constant, it is not static. Peace is a choice. Peace is not a mere absence of war it is active and requires effort.”

Azra Hadzic