Eman Mohammed



Eman Mohammed is an award winning photojournalist and Senior TED fellow, currently based in Washington, DC. Eman is a visual artist, born in Saudi Arabia and educated in Gaza City, Palestine where she started her photojournalism career at the age of 19. For the past 13 years, her work has been focused on documenting the political conflict in the MENA region, including military Israeli invasions and the formation of armed militant groups in the Gaza Strip. The main body of Eman’s work has since transitioned to a series of long-term and in-depth aftermath projects focused on women in culturally sensitive communities and investigative stories of marginalized communities in the United States.

Breaking barriers and cultural taboos in a conservative culture, Eman is Gaza’s only female photojournalist. Mati is an Israeli Jewish photojournalist who has been working in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel since 1998. Together, these two photojournalists shed light on how people on either side of the conflict have dealt with war in their everyday lives. Both photojournalists have their photos appearing in a wide range of international outlets including Le Monde, the Washington Post and Haaretz.

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“We did not speak the same language, but our photography was louder than any of our political situations.”

Eman Mohammed