Eran Nissan


Eran Nissan PeaceTalks Geneva 2022 International Day of Peace


Eran Nissan is an Israeli peace activist. He is 31 years old, lives in Jaffa, and currently serves as the COO of ‘Mehazkim‘, an Israeli progressive movement. Eran served as a combat soldier in the special forces of the IDF, and after his release, he decided to promote a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Eran’s political motivation is generational, as he believes that a conflict we pass on to our children is a conflict we lost. Eran headed the Education & Advocacy department in ‘Peace Now‘, Israel’s biggest and oldest peace movement advocating for the Two-State-Solution. Eran is also the Israeli regional coordinator for both ‘Solutions not Sides’ and ‘New Story Leadership’, two non-profits working to empower young Israelis and 2019 Eran interned in a congressional office in Washington D.C. as part of the ‘New Story Leadership’ summer internship program. Eran holds a B.A in political science & Philosophy, and an M.A. in Emergency & Disaster Management. Eran is also a certified dog trainer and a volunteer EMT and ambulance driver.