Gail Gallie

United Kingdom


Gail is a business leader with a strong sense of social purpose. Gail’s background is in marketing and advertising. She started her career working for ad agencies, helping to create campaigns for a variety of clients including P&G, the Ministry of Sound, and the Labour Party. She then took a role in marketing at BBC and over eight years was responsible for the strategy and delivery of many major projects. On leaving the BBC, Gail co-founded the strategic communications consultancy GaillieGodfrey, delivering corporate campaigns and brand strategy to a mixture of commercial and philanthropic clients. In 2010, she took over at CEO at Fallon London, one of the most creatively awarded advertising agencies in the world. After four years at Fallon London, Gail joined campaigner Richard Curtis to found Project Everyone, the campaign unit that launched the Sustainable Development Goals on behalf of the United Nations.

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“Our name, my company’s name is “Project Everyone,” the goals are a project for everyone. We cannot all be peace negotiators, we cannot all cause wars to cease and there is some terrible things going on in the world at the moment and I think it’s sometimes overwhelming and it spurs you to inaction. But everybody can do something, that’s my message, even if you are not a supermodel, best teacher in the world, we can all find way to promote peace.”

Gail Gallie