Judith Bird

United Kingdom


With over twenty years of domestic and international legal experience, Judith currently serves as the Senior Corporate Counsel for in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). She is responsible to negotiate SaaS master subscription agreements throughout the region with charities, universities, and other organisations including the United Nations agencies. Judith also manages disputes and negotiations of procurement contracts throughout the region. As the first lawyer in the EMEA region, Judith is responsible for establishing regional precedents, processes and training. Judith has also been elected as Global Philanthropy Chair of Faithforce, one of Salesforce’s Global Ohana Groups established to champion equality both inside Salesforce and the communities in which employees live and work. Judith holds a MSc in Construction Law and Arbitration from Kings College London and a BA with honours in Law from Durham University.

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“Peace cannot be achieved by force, it can only be achieved by understanding,” so said Einstein in 1930. When he said this, he wasn’t talking about armed conflict or war. He was talking about disagreements and disharmony between two people or groups of people. If you force people into accepting some kind of behavior, you will never achieve real peace. Only true understanding can lead to real peace. Or put another understood you, if the world only understood you, you would be at peace in the world and the world would be at peace with you.”

Judith Bird