Leadership for Peace

PeaceTalks, Geneva Peace Week edition 2023

1 November 2023

7:00 – 8:00 PM CEST

Maison de la Paix, IHEID Auditorium A1A, 348 seats, Geneva (& livestreamed online)

The PeaceTalks is a global initiative that uses storytelling as a tool to build peace and inspire action.This special event will feature the stories of people from around the world and different backgrounds under the theme “Leadership for Peace” to show how we can all be leaders for peace. Leadership is about personal initiative that inspires others; it is about creating and being an example through personal action that motivates others; it is about encouraging others ‘from in front’ or ‘from behind’ in any walk of life to find their own ways to create peace.

Building peace is not just the effort and responsibility of technical specialists and officials. Each and every one of us regardless of our age and background can contribute to promoting peace in our communities and beyond.

This special edition marks the first time the PeaceTalks come to Geneva Peace Week!

The Peace Talks initiative started in Switzerland at the Geneva PeaceTalks in 2013. Over the past ten years, it has since expanded globally and more than 20 editions have been held in more than 8 countries featuring 200+ speakers from over 50 countries.

The core objectives of the PeaceTalks are:

  • DEMONSTRATE that peaceful solutions to conflict exist all over the world.
  • SHOWCASE and AMPLIFY inspiring stories and what is working to build peace.
  • INSPIRE ACTION and EDUCATE on the role that we each play in promoting peace.

Storytelling for Peace

Stories and their telling can create change. The best ones influence our beliefs, inspire us to make an impact, and illuminate what it means to be human. Everyone has a story to tell through which we can learn.

Storytelling is a powerful educational and peacebuilding tool. Through the telling of personal stories, topics usually addressed from a general angle in the news, come to life, taking human form. Through stories we see the individual instead of the abstract mass. This fosters empathy, understanding and dialogue

 IF…we expand the space for dialogue about peace beyond technical peacebuilding through storytelling, focusing on personal stories and what is working;

THEN…a greater audience of people will become more aware of their potential individual roles and contributions in building peace, and that their actions can have a meaningful and positive impact in sustaining peace;

BECAUSE…they will feel inspired, empowered, and encouraged to support relevant initiatives where they work or to take personal action of their own

The event will be live streamed, recorded and will be made available on www.peacetalks.net

  • The PeaceTalks, Geneva Peace Week is proud to feature a special Social Impact Installation by Poet Carmen Campo Real / @septhebrand that explores the transformative journey from the darkness of war and displacement to hope, dignity, and Peace. Through her evocative written and spoken words,Carmen paints a vivid picture of the human spirit’s ability to mend and create beauty even in the face of profound suffering.

    In-person attendees will receive a numbered Collector Piece as a memento of the experience at the end of the event.

This edition of the PeaceTalks will also feature short talks that showcase Leadership for Peace in various sectors: Climate Action, Non-Governmental Action, Education, Entrepreneurship and Social Impact.

  • Maria Paloma Noriega Jalil, Climate advocate working on resilience and the interconnection between climate change and peace, UNFCCC
  • Dr James Smith, Founder and Deputy Chair, Aegis Trust, working to prevent genocide worldwide and
  • Sandra Shenge, Director of Programmes  Aegis Trust, based at the Kigali Genocide Memorial
  • Melanie Greenberg, Peacebuilder, Managing Director at Humanity United.
  • Dr Conrad Hughes, Teacher & international educator, Director General, International School of Geneva
  • Abbes Boukhobza, Tunisian artist using painting to promote a message of peace, tolerance and joy
  • The event will be moderated by Sarah Noble, curator of PeaceTalks and Daniel Clements, Programme Manager of Creative Leadership, Caux Initiatives of Change
  • Closing Remarks, Itonde Kakoma, President Interpeace

Meet the people of the PeaceTalks, Geneva Peace Week edition


Daniel Clements

United Kingdom

Melanie Greenberg

United States

Dr James Smith

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South African

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