Hacene Ouahmane



Originally from Saint Etienne, Hacene served as a community worker at a working-class neighbourhood, which inspired him to obtain a diploma as a social assistant in 1994. Hacene has always been passionate about supporting those in difficulty and creating links among individuals and communities. In 2011, he joined L’Hospice Général, a Geneva-based institution of social action, where he was able to gain a deeper understanding of the social system in Geneva. In 2016, Hacene became a social worker for a recently opened centre that welcomes and provides shelter for migrants. There, he has worked to ensure the well-being and integration of incoming migrants. Together with his team, Hacene organized language, theatre and arts workshops, fitness sessions, among others. Hacene considers that his work at the centre was key to create harmony among people coming from different contexts. His experience at the centre successfully concluded in May 2018.

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“Every time we talked on the phone, he always told me: Hacene, never forget that behind each migrant there is a story, and behind that story there is a human being.”

Hacene Ouahmane