Kwizera Rulinda


“Without peace, mental health is at risk.”

Kwizera Rulinda is a junior researcher in mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) and clinical psychologist to be.

In his talk he shares his journey to become a mental health professional in Rwanda. As a young boy he witnessed the trauma his mother faced as a survivor of the Genocide against the Tutsi. As a young student he made a choice: to follow a path to help his mom and people like her and ultimately, his country as a researcher in mental health.

Kwizera Rulinda is a 2021 United Nations Millennium Fellowship recipient, a leadership development programme for undergraduate students to improve partnership building and community impact skills. He is a graduand in Clinical Psychology at the University of Rwanda and a Junior Researcher at King Faisal Hospital, one of the biggest health institutions in Rwanda.

He is the Board Chair of Lifeline Organization, a youth-led organization dedicated to mental health and psycho-social support promotion, peacebuilding, research, and capacity building.

He is also Chair of the Regional Representatives on the Global Student Psychology Committee and an active member of international organisations such as the American Psychology Association and the International Council of Psychologists.

As a young leader, Kwizera has made a significant contribution to post-genocide healing, peacebuilding, and research projects in Rwanda.