Let’s build peace through diversity


19 April 2016

6:00 – 8:00 PM EST

Delegation of Ismaili Imamat, Ottawa

Embracing diversity and putting the accent on inclusion is necessary to build more peaceful societies.

Organized under the theme “Let’s build peace through diversity”, the Ottawa Peace Talks aimed to inspire reflection and discussion about how respect for diversity can promote more peaceful societies through inclusion, both in Canada and globally.

This event marked the first time the Peace Talks were held in Canada. Speakers coming from diverse backgrounds shared their personal experiences, stories and ideas to highlight the importance of building peace through broad and diverse participation.

The Ottawa Peace Talks also looked at the role of individual Canadians, and Canada as a whole, to support greater inclusion for peace at home and at the global level.

Meet the people of the 2016 Ottawa Peace Talks


Maryam Monsef

Canada - Afghanistan

Nisreen Ismail

Canada - Syria

Emmanuel Jal

South Sudan

Alaa Murabit

Canada - Libya

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