Tristan Murenzi



Tristan Murenzi is an active Rwandan Youth activist, Founder of Rwanda We Want. Born in 1997, he is part of the generation that were born after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Aware of the many difficulties that the youth face as a consequence of the genocide, Tristan was determined to find a solution that would help the youth.

In 2015, at the age of 17, with a group of classmates, he founded a club in his school which would act as a space where the youth could come together to talk about the problems that they faced and shared their  experience and ideas on how to come up with solutions to those problems. He started by educating himself on different subjects related to youth and used that knowledge to educate other fellow youth in the club. As time went by, he started inviting personalities who had different backgrounds and knowledge to come and share their experience with other youth. When the club started it didn’t have a name, but he later named it Rwanda We Want.

Mental health occupies an important place in Rwanda We Want’s activities. Tristan’s particular interest on this matter was due to his exposure and being a witness to one of the most threatening consequences of the genocide against the Tutsi, which is the impact on mental health. Although some efforts were put in place to address the issue, Tristan wanted to contribute to Rwanda’s journey of emotional healing. He made it his mission to raise awareness to mental health among the youth especially Trans-generational trauma and its effects.

“My dad was an important peacebuilder and psychiatrist after the genocide against the Tutsi. When I was a kid when my sister asked him what will happen when he dies he said: I am going to give you my dreams as my legacy. “

Tristan Murenzi