Joseph Semafara



A young leader with an inspiring story of entrepreneurship, he is a software engineer by academic training, an honours graduate in information technology and a technology entrepreneur by profession with almost a decade of experience.

He is the Founder and CEO of Solvit Africa, “a Business Process Outsourcing company in the tech industry”. He is also the founder and Vice President of Shaka AI: “Knowledge Process Outsourcing company in Artificial Intelligence”.

He works day and night to develop to a great extent the tech ecosystem in Africa, starting from Rwanda by wholeheartedly engaging himself in tech activities and initiatives that upgrade the human capacity of young people to be transformed into a world-class software developer; data scientists; cloud computing engineers; system engineers; AI engineers among many others while connecting them to top tier global companies for employment opportunities.

He is also the founder of Soma Foundation Rwanda. After realizing how hard it is for students to access quality education, especially students in underprivileged schools and communities, he founded the organisation to bridge the gap through access to quality educational materials offline using digital means.

“When we talk about peace, the first thing that should come in our minds should be forgiveness. Thes fact that with what happened in Rwanda we were able to forgive, should be a life lesson to the youth.”

Joseph Semafara