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Every month, the PeaceTalks team brings you a curated selection of people, projects and events which inspire them and reflect positive initiatives that build peace – directly or indirectly – around the world. 

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Peace Direct created a comic book about Ayaan and Abdi, two young Somalis affected by the war. Read their comic book about overcoming the challenges of war here.


The Geneva Water Hub believes that art is a powerful vehicle to raise awareness on crucial issues of water. Collaborating with musicians from around the world, they created a Symphony for Water and Peace.  Listen to the symphony for water and peace here. Find out more about this initiative here.


Watch the Reimagining Victory” series developed by Conciliation Resources in partnership with the IWM Institute. The series welcomes journalists, peacebuilders, artists and academics from around the world to discuss the concept of victory and look at some of the most pressing issues surrounding conflict and peacebuilding today. 


Indonesian artist, Zizi, also known under her name “Petal Together”, makes artworks out of dried flower petals. Her whimsical and delicate art address the themes of love, family, faith, children, motherhood and more. Discover her work via her Instagram account or her Etsy page.


Art Direction students, Josephine Miller and Izzi Toovey founded the “Colouring In” project during the first lockdown in the United Kingdom. Children from their local community in Kingston can send them in their photos which the two creatives then transform digitally. The project is meant to create community connection and celebrate young creative talents. Follow them on their Instagram page.

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