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Produced during the 2022 Geneva PeaceTalks, this short films gives you a snapshot into the wonderful world of the PeaceTalks!

The speakers, moderators and organisers featured each express what peace means to them and capture the essence of the PeaceTalks: a multiplicity of voices from different backgrounds, each with their own unique take on peace. There is not a universal definition of peace. Rather, multiple definitions and visions of peace are required to build a better world. It’s about each of us putting our unique talents to use to build a more peaceful and harmonious world – within and around us.

We thank the video team from OneStop.Swiss for this film. We also thank all those who featured in the video and shared their vision of peace: Ann-Marie Orler, Wasim Almasri, Alaa Mejri, Eran Nissan, Annyssa Bellal, Amad Mian, Sarah Noble, Andrea Aeby, Amadou Dabitao, Maged Al-Kholidy, Diwele Molale Lubi, Mehra Rimer and Daria Mykolenko.

The Geneva Peace Talks is a public event brought to you by the United Nations Office at Geneva, Interpeace and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, the Swiss Government, Salesforce and Mirabaud to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

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