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What does peace mean to you? How do you define peace in your own words and language?

2022 marked the 10th edition of the Geneva PeaceTalks. To mark the occasion, we teamed up with Salesforce to celebrate peace and the need to continue reflecting on the significance and need for peace in the lives of all beings.

This brought us to work closely with the team at Second Peninsula to create a short film that would capture the essence of the PeaceTalks. Since its beginning, the act of defining peace has become a common thread for all speakers participating in the PeaceTalks.

With each edition of the PeaceTalks, it has become apparent that there is not one universal definition of “peace”. Similarly to the concept of “love”, each person has their own unique understanding and vision of what “peace” means to them. As such, together with Salesforce and Second Peninsula, we decided to revisit this core question: What does peace mean to you?

Creating the film brought the PeaceTalks to rekindle contact with past PeaceTalks speakers. We thank the following speakers for contributing their time, energy and heart to this journey: Anupah Makoond, Emmanuel Jal, Lionel Aeschlimann, Estelle Baroung Hughes, Noam Shuster, Greg Boyle, Aya Mohammed Abdullah, Diwele Molale Lubi and Hyung Joon Won who was accompanied by his student Jihyo Kim.

What does peace mean to you? How would you define peace in your own words and in your own language? Continue to participate in contributing to this question here.

We extend a big thank you to Salesforce and the Second Peninsula team. Without your support, this film would have not been possible!

The Geneva Peace Talks is a public event brought to you by the United Nations Office at Geneva, Interpeace and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, the Swiss Government, Salesforce and Mirabaud to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

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